The Kit

The title For Me, as a Parent… evokes the kit’s main objective, which is to give parents a voice, in a climate of listening characterized by respect for their experience and their vision. The kit is a set of communication tools that can enhance the implementation of educational support programs currently provided in a variety of individual and group support settings for parents of children from 0 to 11 years old.

The For Me, as Parent… kit consists of four basic components:



The seven themes are explored through 208 illustrations, 1 diagram and 2 lists of examples, as well as question frameworks and response grids associated with each of the themes.

The illustrations vary according to the children’s ages (0-8 months, 9-24 months; 2-5 years; 6-11 years) and the parent’s sex (mother’s and father’s versions). They have been laminated and are provided in three formats (group intervention, individual support, summary page).


2. THE USER GUIDE (47 pages)

User Guide cover

The User Guide summarizes the philosophy of the kit and the contents of each of the seven tools, to facilitate their use and adaptation to different intervention situations (e.g. individual support, meetings with couples, leading groups, section for 6-11 year-olds).


3. The DVD (80 minutes)

The DVD presents the intervention tools, conditions for success, examples of interventions, and testimonials by professionals who suggest different ways of adapting the kit. Each chapter of the video (related to each of the seven themes addressed) can be viewed independently, whether as part of a training session or simply to review the concepts before using one of the tools provided.



The CD-ROM contains some components of the kit that are authorized for reproduction: summary sheets of all illustrations, social network diagram and lists of examples, question frameworks and response grids.


Organisation of the material in the kit