Parental Concerns

The theme of parental concerns is explored using a list of 16 examples of concerns or worries that parents may have when they think of their child’s future.


Parental Concerns

Using the tools

  • First, this list of potential worries can help parents to identify and share with the professional or with the group of parents some of their greatest worries.
  • Then, parents might be able to think of concrete means of preventing some of the problems they are worried about


Clinical relevance

  • Addressing parents’ major sources of concern requires that the professional engage with them in a climate of trust. The challenge therefore is to identify concerns over which they have a certain control and can do something. When we recognize and name our fears, they can actually become an important source of motivation for taking action.

  • Identifying parents’ worries or concerns about their child’s future is a useful foundation for any work done with parents. Professionals report that parents often express these worries with a sense of fatalism or powerlessness. It is therefore important to support parents in identifying how to cope and prevent these risks.